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How accurate is the Covid-19 antigen test?

Several Covid-19 tests are now available through public and commercial sources. And you've probably got some questions.

Should you have a PCR test? Or how about a Covid-19 antigen test? What exactly do these tests search for? And how reliable is a Covid-19 antigen test in the first place?

This advice will help to clear the air. We'll go through the Covid-19 antigen test and how it varies from a PCR test. Then we'll compare antigen test accuracy rates to PCR testing, which are available through the NHS as well as private clinics.

Covid-19 antigen testing

The Covid-19 antigen swab confirms coronavirus infection at the time of testing.

If you test positive, you were infected at the time the sample was obtained and must self-isolate in accordance with official recommendations. We'd also recommend getting a PCR test to validate your results.

If your antigen test results are negative, you did not have the virus at the time the sample was obtained and can resume your usual activities.

What is the procedure for doing the Covid-19 antigen test?

When you schedule a Covid-19 antigen test, a swab of your nose will be obtained. Your sample is then examined for proteins linked to Covid-19. The findings are frequently available within hours.

What distinguishes the Covid-19 antigen test from the PCR test?

The Covid-19 antigen test and the PCR test are frequently mistaken.

If you go to a private test clinic, you may have both antigen testing and PCR tests. Both tests determine whether or not you now have coronavirus, however they do it in distinct ways:

Antigen testing check for proteins linked to Covid-19 PCR tests look for genetic material linked to Covid-19 PCR tests need a sample from both the nose and throat. And, as we'll see below, they're regarded as the more dependable alternative.

What is the precision of the Covid-19 antigen test?

Antigen testing are faster and less expensive than PCR tests, however they are less accurate. Our Antigen testing at Corona Test Centre produce reliable findings in 93.8% of cases.

A PCR test takes longer to complete and costs more to book, but it is more accurate as a consequence. A Corona Test Centre PCR test has a 99.9% accuracy rate.

Why is the PCR test more precise than the Antigen test?

When a PCR sample is evaluated, it undergoes a process known as amplification. This implies that even if only a trace amount of Covid-19 is present, it will be identified.

This amplification method is not used in antigen testing. This implies that some positive instances will go unnoticed, particularly when persons are asymptomatic and don't produce a lot of nasal discharge.

In general, antigen testing produces more false positives and false negatives than PCR testing.

As previously stated, we recommend that any positive antigen test result be followed up with a confirmatory PCR test. The more accurate test will validate your result and guarantee that you are not isolated when you are genuinely virus-free. This is already standard practice in many nations throughout the world.

Nonetheless, antigen testing is a good tool to have on hand. It provides quick "screening" findings – a quick and cost-effective approach to determine whether or not someone has the virus.

The following are the primary advantages of the Covid-19 antigen test: Cost-effective solution with quick results. The PCR test is the most reliable test available for determining if you have Covid-19 right now. You will simply have to wait a bit longer for the results.

PCR testing obtained from private clinics

Private PCR testing tend to be more accurate, providing better piece of mind and safety. You can go to a clinic and have the test done by a medical practitioner. This implies you may be confident that a good sample was obtained.

Which of the following tests should you take?

Advanced Diagnostic Covid Testing Clinic offers both Rapid Antigen and RT-PCR. If you want to know if you're infected with Covid-19, you can select any option.

If you're ready to schedule your exam, visit our website. You can select one of our two test centers and a time that works for you.

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